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Welcome to Geek Toys, Games and Gadgets!!

We are a hobby and shrine site to all things geek!

The geek of today is the renaissance man of 5 centuries past. No longer the fabled figure of profound oddity, the geek of today is inheritor, discoverer, explorer and purveyor of all things knowledge.

All geeks share one passion, and this is an insatiable CURIOSITY -- an unbounded passion for information! Be it in the various fields of science or mathematics, history or astronomy, the geek will pursue any train of information to exhaustion, not stopping until all fires of his ardent curiosity are extinguished. And as his curiosity is his life's motivation, sleep is a distant priority next to the need to discover -- to explore -- long into the night.

Truly, there is no better time to be a geek than in today's information age. Certainly, the most exciting heroes of today are the men of genius who have successfully applied scientific knowledge acquired in ages past to the social betterment of our lives:

The internet connects us to people and information across the globe..

You Have Mail!! (a notification)

mobile communication thru cutting edge gadgetry

..Mobile communications allow us to reach out anytime, anywhere..

..Modern electronics give us music on the go, newscasts on the go, entertainment on the go, and even the chance to divest some piled up work on long commutes between cities..

working while commuting thru cutting edge gadgetry

circle of friends

..And the world is now a much smaller space between phone calls, emails, text messages, and blogs among loved ones and friends.

The GTGG Team hopes that you enjoy the website. Do share a comment or two in our guestbook.

The geek is hero, and we at GTGG hope that you agree! Cheers!!

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Geek of the Week 

Angus MacGyver wearing a red jacket in the city

Angus "Mac" Macgyver

Acted by Ricshard Dean Andersen
Seen in the TV Series "MacGyver" (Original run: 1986-1992)

Link to Mac's complete article write-up by clicking here


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2009-04-11: Welcome to
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